Steam Sterilizers/ Autoclaves are an essential part of the decontamination and sterilization process performed by sterile processing departments in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Adinath offers the broadest range of steam sterilizers available on the market. Adinath autoclaves are manufactured in a state of the art facility in compliance with cGMP guidelines to meet the technical challenges of Life-Science, Biotech and HealthCare Industry. Our autoclaves provide precise control and reliable sterile processing and pasteurization. The production facility in the pharmaceutical industry are aimed at maximum safety, top quality and high efficiency. This applies specially for the sterilization process. Autoclave/ Steam Sterilizer continues to be one of the ancient but widely used sterilization techniques in the Life-Science and HealthCare Industry. The process systems now have to meet the most exacting demands for temperature and pressure / Vacuum control and process documentation. A sterilization system represents Therefore, Adinath takes measures to ensure that our Sterilizers provide and life cycle economy. Every Sterilizer is produced to your specifications and needs. Flexible options allow selection of the right equipment for each specific sterilization load and packaging and designed to conform to end-user requirements (URS) and quality assurance processes.

Applications of Autoclaves:

  • Porous materials like cotton gauge, garments, fabrics, etc.
  • Closures, Vessels, Machine, Medical Instruments and change parts.
  • Empty Glassware, Utensils, Instruments.
  • Solutions in glass ampoules, vials & bottles.
  • Filters and respective accessories.
  • Solid materials

Salient Features of Autoclaves:

  • Vent filters with automatic sterilization in place and attachments for water-Intrusion-Test.
  • Option of jacket cooling for liquid loads.
  • Electrically heat steam generator for Laboratories & Research Intuitions.
  • Attachments for steam quality testing as per EN285 norms.
  • Facility for terminal sterilization of glass containers with atomized water spray with air over pressure and jacket cooling.
  • Option for vacuum least testing of sealed ampoules.
  • Sanitary design for piping & valves with dead leg <1.50 and slope >2%.
  • Comprehensive test programs, Vacuum Leak Test, Bowie & Dick Test & Pressure Leak Test to safeguard your process and machine.

Capacity Available of Autoclaves:

50 Litres to 500 Litres

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