Automatic Strip Packing Machine

Automatic Strip Packing Machine Model AI-SPM is built on advanced technology to fulfil the requirement in Pharmaceutical Packing Industry. strip packing machine gives high speed and uninterrupted performance at low maintenance cost. They are ideal for high speed sealing of coated or uncoated tablets, capsules or lozenges of any shape or size in Aluminium foils, Polythene, cellophane or any other heat sealing material.

AI-SPM model strip packing machine has PLC Human interface, frequency converter, higher automation, easy operation, beautiful style, full function, well performance and durability. It conforms to "GMP" standards.

Salient Features of Strip Packing Machine:

  • Automatic Feeding, Sealing, Slitting and Cutting are done simultaneously. Therefore, its efficiency is high, meaning production cost is decreased due to reduction of labour cost.
  • Models ranging from 2 tracks to 10 tracks, 40mm to 300mm sealing width.
  • Take off conveyors of different sizes to convey strips to inspection and packing table.
  • Customised to different sizes and shapes.
  • Machine suitable for different heat sealable packing laminates.
  • Digital Temperature control.
  • Electrical motor suitable for 415 V/ 380 V/ 3 PH/ 50 CS/ AC Supply.
  • All contacts parts are SS316.
  • PLC Control panel (Optional)
  • In compliance with cGMP.
  • The change parts can easily replace.

Flow Chart of Packing Machine:

  • Vibrator: Which Transports the product through supply tablets to the Chute.
  • Chute: The Device grips the various pieces and centres them for their entry in to the sealing Roller.
  • Sealing Roller: The Temperature of Sealing Roller can be steadily maintained because precise temperature control device is adopted.
  • Slitting: The column number and location of the slitting can have adjusted easily.
  • Draw Brushes: Tense the strip makes sure the Sealing and Cutting is perfect.
  • Cutter: The row number of cutting can be adjusted as per your

Technical Specifications of Automatic Strip Packing Machine:

Drive Motor: 0.5 HP 3 Phase 415 Volts 50Hz
Net Weight :450.000 Kgs.
Gross Weight: 750.000 Kgs.
Dimension: 1000(L) X 850 (W)X 1850 (H) MM

Models Available

Model: AI-SPM 4 Track 6 Track 8 Track 10 Track 12 Track
Foil Width 145 mm 210 mm 260 mm 280 mm 310 mm
Output/Min 600-1200 1200- 1800 1800-2500 2250 – 3125 2700 - 3750

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