Dry Heat Sterilizer

Sterilization by dry heat has become increasingly popular worldwide due to two main special factors first the need of sterilizing small objects, especially ampoules, syringes and secondly for de-pyrogenation of manufacturing apparatus which is impossible in a steam sterilizer. Dry heat sterilization and dehydrogenation process is mainly used for complete destruction and removal of all micro-organisms by means of dry heat. These stainless steel dry heat sterilizers use air as a medium of sterilization
Another advantage of this method of sterilization is that objects which are damaged by water or steam e.g. powder or ointment can be sterilized provided the heat penetrates to all parts of the substance.

Applications of Dry Heat Sterilizer:

  • Empty glassware (e.g. Vials, Ampoules and bottles).
  • Stainless steel and aluminium containers
  • Thermo stable basic pharmaceutical products and chemical compounds.
  • Non-aqueous liquid material (e.g. Oils, glycerine, etc.)
  • Powders like sulphonamides and talcum powder
  • Metal trays.

Salient Features of Dry Heat Sterilizer:

  • Chamber is manufactured in SS316L. Fully welded with round corners.
  • The doors are of hinged type, equipped with double edge seal gasket for maximum safety
  • For operation, control and data acquisition a PLC is provided. HMI facilitates interface between operator and equipment.
  • Equipment’s are available with single door as well as double door pass through arrangement.
  • Bio seal flange to seal the equipment into the building wall can be provided
  • HEPA filters are installed in the fresh air, recirculation and exhaust module. In addition, 0.5 micron “Micro B” filter is installed as a pre-filter to the Fresh Air HEPA
  • Three modules for air handling
  • Fresh air (air intake)
  • Recirculation
  • Exhaust

Accessories of Dry Heat Sterilizer

A complete range of carriages, transfer trolleys to simplify handling.
Plates, trays, wire baskets and other relevant accessories are supplied depending on the application

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