Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Adinath manual capsule filling machine is relible 300 holes capsule filling machine perfect for small to medium batch sizes production requirements. Capsule filler uses in pharmacies, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, Ayurvedic, Herbal and dietary supplement industry. This hand capsule filler model can fill and close Hard Gelatin Capsules with powder & pellets. We have taken extra care to insure proper filling of capsules and have partnered with many pharmaceutical manufactures to reach new levels of success with capsule-filling.

It can open, fill and close capsules at a rate of 300 per cycle and can handle sizes ranging from 00 to 5 with the help of extra change parts. Basic machine model is provided with single size change part set. For any other size, change parts are available on request.

This flexible bench top pharmaceutical equipment is capable of an output of 8,000 capsules per hour and is suitable for clinical research organisations and special laboratories wanting cost effective, capsule filler for small runs.

Key Features of Manual Capsule Filling Machine

  • Output up to 6000 capsules per hour
  • Suitable for handling difficult powders and products
  • Designed to handle 300 holes tray capsule at a time.
  • Machine is bench top model suiitable for R&D applications.
  • Manual Capsule Filler complies as per GMP requirements.
  • 300 Holes Capsule Filler can be disassembled for cleaning.
  • Fully washable manual filler in accordance with GMP rules

Models Available in 300 Holes Capsule Filler:

  • GMP Model: Complete designed from Stainless Steel 304
  • Standard Model: All contact parts designed from Stainless Steel 304 & Non – Contact parts designed from Mild Steel with Hard Chrome plating.

Technical Specification of Capsule Filler:

Machine Model: AMCFM 300
Production Output: Up to 6000 Capsules/ hour
Overall Dimension: 428mm (L) x 308m (W) x 452mm (H) approx.
Machine Weight: 50 Kgs. approx.
Packing: Export worthy wooden box & carton box

Operating Procedure of Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Placing Capsules in the Manual Capsule Filler

  • Put empty capsules in the loading tray and place it onto the machine
  • Pull locking handle forward, push down the long lever to lift the caps of the capsule bodies
  • Put the tray with caps aside
  • Push the locking handle back and capsule bodies will come to the filling surface

Filling Powder in the Capsules

  • Put powder tray to avoid spilling of the powder
  • Pour the right quantity of powder and spread it. Bring down the tamper and lock it
  • Turn the handle given above to compress the powder
  • Bring up the tamper. Pour & spread the extra powder.

Covering the Capsules

  • Put the tray with caps to filler and bring down the locking plate.
  • Lock the plate and turn the front knob to the right
  • Push the long lever down to push capsule bodies into caps
  • Open the locking plate lock, lift the locking plate and turn the front knob to the left
  • Pull down the long lever and lift the tray with filled capsules
  • Turn the tray to get filled capsules out of the tray

Variants of Capsule Filling Machine

  • 300 Holes Capsule Filling Machine, Standard Model
  • 300 Holes Capsule Filler, GMP Model
  • 300 Holes Hand Capsule Filling Machine, SS 316 Model
  • Pellet Attachment Tray for 300 Holes Capsule Filler
  • Tablet Feeding Attachment for Manual Capsule Filler
  • 100 Holes Capsule Filling Machine

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