Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine

Adinath specially designed very cost-effective Filler providing several features for pharmaceutical, food, paint, beverages and cosmetic industry. The design of the Machine is ergonomic, easy to handle and maintain for operators. It incorporates a full-size opening of the front guard with excellent access for maintenance and change-over and an improved Tube orientation system that guarantees even better accuracy. The machine is mainly mechanical and therefore, easy to operate and maintain.

AI-STF model is designed to fill and seal Plastic and Laminated tubes. The machine is suitable mainly for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry. This machine model is widely uses for filling of cream, ointment, gel, paste, balm and other similar viscous products by means of a volumetric dosing system.

Process Operation of Tube Filling Machine:

Our machine model body is constructed with mild steel angle and plates duly painted to smooth finish and outer covered to Stainless Steel covers. The filling area contact parts made of Stainless Steel 304 quality steel including the hopper. The filling mechanism is mechanically driven with a positive suction pump assembly. syringe can be provided as per the fill volume of different variants one with each machine. No tube no filling process sensors connected to a pneumatic cylinder which enables filling only when the tube is sensed at the filling area. All pneumatic cut off device ensures clean cut off and ensures weight accuracy at all times.

The heating of the Lami or the Plastic tubes is done by a standard heater which has a capability of attaining max temperature up to 700°C during constant air flow is on. At the heating section the tube is lifted inside the heater part by which only the area to be sealed is heated without affecting the filled material. The sealing of the Lami and the plastic tube is done in a single station with pneumatic jaws which has provision of holding no in its made pockets. After the sealing the trimming if also done by pneumatic blades to give the tube a smooth finish.
Batch types of numeric 0 to 9 are provided with the machine extra types can be bought on request.

Special Features of Semi-Automatic Tube Filler Machine:

  • Manually Tube feeding
  • Rotary type & compact design
  • Filling range 5 gm to 50 gm
  • Filling accuracy ± 1 %
  • Correct & uniform filling
  • No tube No Filling Mechanism
  • Tube sealing, coding & cutting by Pneumatic cylinder
  • Hot air system for tube sealing by leister heater & blower
  • Batch coding Number (Male or Female) also available
  • Tube cooling by water pump to circulate water outside tube portion for improve sealing quality.
  • Quick changeover for Combo Models
  • No tails are occurred after filling time
  • All the contact parts in S.S. 304/316/316L as per your requirement
  • Production counter available on control panel to indicate number of tube filled
  • Lower maintenance requires
  • Automatic tube ejection.
  • All pneumatic parts of “Janatics”, “Festo” or “Spac” make

Optional Accessories of Tube Filler Machine:

  • Jacketed Hopper with Stirrer
  • Automatic Tube Orientation System
  • Extra Size Syringe Set
  • Air Compressor

Technical Specification of Semi-Automatic Tube Filling Machine:

No. of Filling Head Single Head Double Head
No. of Station (Geneva Cam Driven) 12 12
Hopper Capacity 25 Litre 35 Litre
Production Output (Per Min) 27 - 30 tubes 55 - 60 tubes
Tube Diameter 12 to 50 mm
Tube Length 50 to 200 mm
Tube Loading System Manual /Automatic
Tube Orientation Manual/ Automatic
Max. Filling Capacity 5 to 200 grams 5 to 50 grams
Syringe Option
  • 5 to 30 grams
  • 30 to 100 grams
  • 100 to 200 grams
  • 5 to 25 grams
  • 25 to 50 grams
Air Heater 2 Kw 2.5 Kw
Water Pump 9For cooling of the heater) 0.25 H.P. 0.50 H.P.
Power 1 H.P. 1 H.P.
Electrical 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 hertz, four wire system
Compressed Air 10 Bar 12 Bar
Operator Required 1 Person 1 or 2 Person
Machine Dimension 900 mm x 1100 mm x 1800 mm 900 mm x 1100 mm x 1800 mm
Net Weight 295 Kgs. 465 Kgs.
Gross Weight 375 Kgs. 580 Kgs.

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