Double Cone Blender

Double Cone Blender Model:

DCB is an efficient and versatile machine for mixing of dry powders and granules homogeneously. All the contact parts are made of stainless steel. The effective volume for optimum homogeneity is between 35-70% of gross volume. The Folding, Spreading and Cascading action of the double conical blender provides a rapid, homogeneous blending of dry and semi dry materials. The end over end revolving action, Moving materials in and out of a restricted are results in a through intermeshing of the products into a uniform mix.

Batch Work capacities:

Range from Lab Model to production model (Up to 3500 Litres) based on fill level of 55% of total volume. Each blender design is customized to suit the customer’s specific requirements.

For Improved Blend Uniformity:

Special designs incorporating internal deflector cones, or angled shell bodies are available upon request.

Automated Drum Loading System:

Conical Blenders can be furnished with a PLC controlled automated drum loading system. With one full revolution of the blender, the entire contents of a product container (Fiber, Plastic, or Stainless Steel Drum) can be transferred into the blender and back into drums after mixing, in a dust free operation. This system eliminates costly mezzanine platforms, and other feed systems which require special docking mechanisms that create risk of spillage. During loading, the operator simply rolls the drum onto the roller conveyor, raises the lift to squeeze the drum against the valve discharge flange seal, and initiates the oad cycle. The blender slowly rotates one revolution while automatically opening and closing the valve, and stopping at the zero position. The empty drum is lowered, and replaced with a full container to repeat the cycle until all contents are charged. During discharging an empty drum is positioned on the roller conveyor and sealed against the valve discharge flange seal. The operator opens/closes the valve to fill the drum, lowers the drum, and replaces with an empty drum to repeat the cycle until all contents have been discharged.

Salient Features of Double Con Blender:

  • PLC Controlled, Fully Automatic load and discharge function
  • Butterfly discharge valve is clamped to the blender outlet for quick disassembly and with Quick release design for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Valve Flange seal can be customized to suit the customer’s product container.
  • 0 Degree position for discharge is provided
  • Special PLC programming with safety interlocks for optimum operator safety
  • Shaft mounted gear motor installed via shrink disc coupler eliminates maintenance of traditional gear drive. Speed regulation via AC variable frequency.

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